Monthly Archives: February 2013

Benevolent Brady or Selfish Brady?

In a situation like this, it is always better to let the dust settle for a couple of days before finalizing a stance on an issue. Initially, when the reports came out of Tom Brady signing a contract extension with the Patriots there was an overwhelming sense of joy among...

Carolina Panthers Offseason Priorities

At approximately $5million over the projected salary cap, the Panthers find themselves in a bind when it comes to roster moves this offseason. After going 7-9 last season and missing the playoffs, the Panthers will be very eager to make the leap up into playoff contention. To do that they...

Atlanta Falcons Offseason Priorities

This Falcons team has given themselves something to build on after earning the first playoff win of the Matt Ryan/Mike Smith era. Of course their exit from the playoffs, blowing a 17 point lead to the 49ers means that they still have some improvements to make if they hope to...