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    College Scouting
    Led by Eric Galko and Optimum Scouting, The Football Standard aims to bring you the most in-depth look at the top college prospects available for...
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    NFL News
    Stay informed with The Football Standard.  We offer comprehensive, global, football news for you at your fingertips....
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    NFL All 22 Breakdowns
    Coming soon, Josh Liskiewitz and his team will be breaking down NFL games, using the All-22 NFL rewind package to bring you an even greater...
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    Draft Metrics
    While we want to adhere to an old school journalistic ethos of getting the whole story, and getting right; we at The Football Standard are...
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    Team by team coverage
    Thanks to the great work of James Christensen, we will be offering an ever-expanding team by team look at the draft.  While some of the...
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    If you’d like to contact The Football Standard about anything, ranging from writing opportunities to media appearances, you may drop us a line at

About us

The Football Standard

Borne of the digital age, The Football Standard attempts to merge the best of modern technology, old school journalistic philosophy, and forward thinking football metrics to create a new paradigm in football coverage.  Comprised of former players, scouts, assistants, coaches, and writers; our goal is to immerse the reader in content that encompasses every aspect of the game.  Rather than a site that simply generates headlines and pictures for content’s sake, our goal is to deliver informative, informed commentary on the game and its players to you.  Our goal isn’t to just set the standard, it’s to continue to be the standard.  The Football Standard.


Professional Consulting Services

At The Football Standard, we’re more than just an online publication.  We’re a full service consultancy.  Whether you’re a player wanting an honest draft evaluation, an agent wanting a second opinion, or a team looking for more information on a potential player, we’ve got you covered.  Our staff consists of former NFL and NCAA players, coaches, and scouting and personnel guys.  For a nominal fee, we’ll be happy to sit down with you in an advisory capacity, and give you quality, honest, and unbiased advice.  We’re here to help you, help yourself.


Additional Services

  • Evaluate player film, and grade player.
  • Assist agents with player grades.
  • Scout players for various all-star games.
  • Consult with teams on players available.
  • Assist teams in comprehensive roster strategies.
  • Analyze opposing team’s tendencies.
  • Advise teams on roster and draft direction.
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